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6 Tips to Be a Great Party Host

It is a lot easier attending a party than preparing for one, but remember that planning a party can be as fun as attending one. Here are some tips that can help you make your party a truly happy and memorable event.

- Depending on the purpose of your party, get a fun theme that everyone will enjoy. Make sure that when you plan, everything will be in line with the theme. From the invitation, to the food, to the games and activities, everyone should be able to see and feel the theme that you are trying to show. If it is a pool party theme, or a casino party theme - make your decor fit the theme. For costumes, if you are asking everyone to wear one, you can suggest that they be in line with the theme on the invitation.

- The guest list should have the blend of people that will truly have fun together. Do not invite people who you think will not enjoy the party, or that the other guests will not be comfortable having around. But at the same time, do not limit yourself to inviting only those with the same background or interests. What this means is while there are people that you would rather not invite, invite those that will make for good interaction and a good mix because they are able to share their differences as well.

- Now, depending on the theme, create an invitation that will reflect it. And on the guest list, send the invitations ahead of time and make sure that everyone responds especially if it is an RSVP you are after.

- Decorate, but do not over decorate. Just put on the essentials and major theme items in strategic locations, otherwise, too much of little things may look tacky and tasteless.

- Have a time where you will be serving a certain type of food. Make sure that the cold foods stay cold and that hot food items will be kept warm until they are served.

Remember that every aspect of your party should reflect who you are and your personality, but at the same time, think about the comfort, the preference and the things that your guests will love as well when they are at the party.

- During the party, introduce guests to each other and try to facilitate conversation by mentioning things that people might have in common. Pay particular attention to guests that don't know as many people coming into the party. Depending on the people attending, try to organize games and activities that are interactive and allow people to get to know each other.

Creating a great party is not solely dependent on your budget or how creative you are. Remember that people go to parties not simply because of the decor or how lavish it is, but as long as you are inviting your friends for a real good time, remember that the things that people say and do to make the bond more friendly and strong is what counts. Of course the presence of alcohol and having food will help make for a great party, still nothing tops good laughs and good times to make for not just a great but a memorable party.


Birthday Presents - Your Guide to Gift Giving

So many people have a difficult time finding birthday presents for the people they love. They are not sure what qualifies as a good gift so they end up just buying the last thing they see because they are running late for the party. If this happens to you more than you would like, there is something you should know about giving presents for birthdays.

Because the occasion is commemorating someone's birth, the present should follow just one criterion. All you need to look for in a gift is one that speaks to the birthday person. Make sure it is something special to them.

Because you want your birthday presents to have meaning to the recipient, there really is no gift that could ever be wrong. There might be gifts that are wrong for individual people, but for the right person, they could be the best gift.

In order to turn yourself into a great gift giver, all you have to do is take a few minutes and really think about the birthday person. Ask yourself what they like doing as hobbies and what means a lot to them in their lives. Then you just turn your answers into presents.

If you follow this guide for giving birthday presents, your presents could range anywhere from sporting equipment to books. You even could give small appliances if the birthday person really enjoys cooking.

To other people, these gifts might be awful to receive, but if you think about who is getting them, they should be perfect. When you give gifts this way, there are two things that happen for you. The first one is that you get a great feeling because you gave them a great feeling through your gift. The second thing is you feel great because you gave the best gift.

Some people never really put any thought into the birthday presents they give other people. To them, it is just another present they have to buy. However, birthday presents should be looked upon with the best interest because they help commemorate the birth of someone special in your life.

You should want that person to know how much they mean to you buy getting them a gift they will love. The best part about this is that it does not require you to spend a lot of money if you really can't afford to do so. Just buy a gift that has meaning.


The Benefits of Small Outdoor Weddings

While planning a wedding, many couples feel themselves strapped for cash as they start getting back quotes and other pricing from potential wedding vendors. Planning a small wedding is a great way to help cut back on wedding costs and stay within your wedding budget. If dramatically cutting down your guest list and searching for deals and sales still isn't helping you meet your budget, then why not look at having a small outdoor wedding?

Small outdoor weddings can be either casual, semi-formal, or even formal depending on your location and time of year. Not only that, but small outdoor weddings are easy on the pocketbook, but they can also be much more romantic than the more traditional weddings other couples enjoy. If you are considering planning a small outdoor wedding, here are some great helpful hints to aid in your research.

Locations for Small Outdoor Weddings

One of the best things about small outdoor weddings is that they can be held nearly anywhere. If you or another family member have a particularly nice backyard with some beautiful landscaping, you can have your wedding in your own backyard, saving a ton of money on renting a location. Other popular locations include beaches, public parks and university campuses, a friend's piece of property, or a location that specializes in planning outdoor weddings. Be careful going with one of these locations, as many of these businesses may charge as much as renting out a banquet hall or some other specialty hall.

Decorations for Small Outdoor Weddings

You won't have to worry about searching out a lot of decorations for small outdoor weddings. Nature itself will provide most of the decorations with beautiful flower gardens, a romantic sunset, tall graceful trees, or even gentle waters lapping onto the shore around you. If you are planning a small outdoor wedding, be sure not to overdo it on the decorations that you provide. In small outdoor weddings, less from you Is typically more.

Depending on the region where you live, small outdoor weddings can be done beautifully nearly any time of the year. One of the great things about small outdoor weddings is that they aren't only just easy on the pocketbook, but any kind of outdoor wedding is going to hold a certain charm that many other different kinds of weddings just can't compete with. Outdoor weddings are growing tremendously in popularity,though they have been around for centuries. So if you're planning a small outdoor wedding, you're sure to find the elegance and grace that many larger inside wedding just can't compete with. After all, mother nature is the best decorator of all.


Sauna Parties - Do Alcohol and Saunas Mix?

It is no secret that saunas are fun. It is especially great when you have your very own sauna in your home, and you can have your friends and family over for a sauna party. Even gathering together with your loved ones at "the club" for a sauna party can be a lot of fun for you and your friends. However, at most types of parties, the host or hostess will usually want to serve alcohol to his or her guests. Too many people do not realize that the high heat of a running sauna and the intoxication of alcohol just do not mix.

There have been a lot of studies taken about alcohol and sauna mix and none of them show that the two are a good mix. In Finland, where the sauna was born, and is used the most, they found that when you mix sauna heat and alcohol, serious accidents can and do occur.

I don't mean to completely ruin the party of course; everything is all right as long as it is in moderation. If you have to have alcohol at your sauna party, please try to keep it to a bare minimum before and during the time in the sauna. After everyone has had enough sauna time, feel free to drink more (responsibly, of course!), but if you consume too much alcohol while inside the heat of the sauna room, it may have a bad effect on your body.

The above mentioned studies have all proven that drinking while in the sauna, or even before you go into the sauna, is often the cause of injuries acquired while inside saunas. Some of these injuries have been minor, such as sprained ankles or wrists and minor burns, and some injuries were not so minor, such as head trauma, heart attacks, heat stroke and fainting. I'm sure you can see by now that drinking at a sauna party might not be such a good idea! Not only are these injuries possible when you drink in the sauna, but also, there have been deaths associated with the mix of alcohol and sauna heat.

When you are inside of a hot sauna for any period of time, your heart has to work harder to pump blood to the rest of your body, and consuming alcohol, even if you do not get drunk, can make your heart's job all the more harder, and this will cause some problems to your body. Not only can intoxication harm you while you are in a sauna, but also, if you have had a few drinks the night before and you are hung over, entering a hot sauna can still be detrimental to your health.

Your sauna party can still be fun, even without alcohol. If you have to have alcohol to have fun, you may want to rethink your version of "fun" and get some help. If you still want to have some alcohol, just remember to know your limits, and drink in moderation.


How to Find a Restaurant for Large Groups and Events

Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties and even wedding receptions can be difficult events to plan. We want to make sure that the person of honor has a great time and that the party is an occasion to remember. Well, one doesn't always need to rent out a lavish hall to have a grand celebration. Local restaurants can act as a venue that offers a fun, cozy or sophisticated atmosphere for your private affair.

All well and good you say, but how do you go about finding a suitable restaurant venue?

Online search

Believe it or not, the Internet can be your friend when it comes to locating a restaurant that could also serve as a party venue. The beauty of the internet is that there are literally thousands of businesses, many in your area, that will cater to the needs of you and your guests.

The Internet also offers a plethora of advice via a restaurant guide or two that will make shopping for a happening place to hold your event even easier.

After you have made a top five or ten list of places that may be suitable, call and ask if the establishment hosts private functions. If they do, inquire about the costs.

If the place is local (which it probably should be unless you plan to fly guest to the destination) you can visit the restaurant in question. Make sure the person responsible for party planning will be there during your visit, so you can discuss what you'd like for your affair.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth has always been, and perhaps always will be, the best form of advertisement around. This invaluable tool can act as a restaurant guide that will help you locate a prime location for your special occasion.

If someone you know has recently thrown a party, inquire about the venue that was used. Most any business will tell you they are the best of the best, but friends and family and acquaintances won't steer you wrong in this regard.

Booking the right restaurant

Ritzy, high class or five star restaurants will require a pretty sizable deposit for the day in question. You may also need to discuss some aspect of your budget with the organizer or planner, so you can realistically see what you can or cannot do. Many restaurants will be willing to work with you to ensure you get precisely what you want. In return, you have to be honest and forthcoming about what you can reasonably afford.

Getting Outside entertainment

If the restaurant doesn't have regular entertainment, you may consider getting some of your own. If this is one of your goals, make sure the eatery knows as they will have to accommodate you. For example, a bistro may not have a stage area or dance floor in the establishment and would need to move chairs, tables and furniture around for a band.

If you desire to have a band or some sort of live entertainment, then your best bet is to find a restaurant that is already set up for something like of that nature.

Of course, there may be a cafe or tavern that the person or persons of honor really likes that would be the perfect spot to host their function.

Yet and still, you would have to call the establishment to see what the protocols are for securing the place for a private event.

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, finding an online restaurant guide or relying on word of mouth is one way to locate a venue that will add a festive air to the proceedings and make you the quintessential host or hostess to beat when the next big event comes around.


Planning Party Snack Food with a Theme

Throwing a party can be a lot of work. But planning for an event can be simpler if you select a theme for your party snack food Often a party table will be set with dips, bite-sized nibbles, cheese snacks, and veggie trays. While this is fine, having some rhyme or reason to the food makes choosing your party snack recipes easier; it also creates a bit of fun.

Choosing a Theme for the Party

Pulling together a larger theme - one for the party itself, not just the food - takes a bit more effort, but some favorites that aren't too much of a challenge are "around the world" or even a specific country. Think of the fun you'll have decorating for a location party, how much fun your guests will have feeling like they're on a mini vacation, and what a treat it will be to select party snack recipes while learning about a particular country!

Color party themes are another go-to idea. Black and white parties are common, but it's difficult to find foods that match that concept. Throwing a Blue party wouldn't be a great idea either, can you think of many blue party snack foods? An orange party, however, would allow for serving any appetizers that have carrots, or cheese, or yes, oranges. Some easy party snack recipes that come to mind are cheese balls, carrots with a delicious cream cheese dip or an orange spice cake for desert!

Choosing a Theme for the Food

The theme could be food related, such as using some of the same ingredients throughout the spread. It could also be color related, especially to celebrate a holiday or certain season. It's easy to come up with red and green foods for Christmas or red, white, and blue foods for the Fourth of July. If you are not feeling very creative for the day, just turn to the internet where you can find great holiday related party snack recipes. The small amount of effort there makes a big impact on the eyes.

If it is a struggle to find a theme you are comfortable with, look at what decorations may be stored around the house. An old flower arrangement could be transformed into a center piece for a spring dinner event or an old Birthday wrapping paper could be easily transformed into a personalized table cloth. Many appetizer recipes can be made with a few ingredients that are also stored in the pantry.

So whether you're throwing a "Hot and Spicy" party, or a meat lover's extravaganza, having a theme for the food, and even the décor makes it easy and fun for all of the guests. They will leave the party feeling inspired and full with all of the wonderful party snack food you prepared!


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